The SciFiEd project, is a two-year long Comenius LLP project, focuses on providing teachers with tools, training, and guidance that will assist them in enhancing their teaching, making science more attractive to students, connecting it with real-life issues such as the environment, and providing girls and other marginalised groups with access to science.

The general objective of the SciFiEd project is to create and disseminate a SciFi in Education Toolkit, which will strive to convince, guide, and support educators in introducing Science Fiction in education, gather and develop experience and knowhow in this field, organise it into solid and accessible bits of information, and make it available to stakeholders.

The SciFiEd consortium consists of 6 partners from 5 different European countries. Project partners are: CARDET (Cyprus), University of Pite┼čti (Romania), Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB) (Ireland), BPURSUS (Poland), Innovade LI (Cyprus) and ASEV (Italy).

During the first year of the project, field research was conducted in each of the partner countries (Cyprus, Romania, Ireland, Poland, Italy) in order to investigate whether SciFi texts are being used by primary and secondary teachers, and if so, how they are integrated in the various curricula. The compiled research report will be available on the project website by the end of the project.