D19: The Science Fiction in Education Toolkit - page 7

Teachers and experts recognize multiple educational benefits stemming from
SciFi in education: increased student motivation; vocabulary and language
skills; critical thinking; environmental and civic sensitivity; imagination and self-
esteem; opportunities to explore visions of the future and critique of the
present; students’ cognitive awareness and critical awareness about science;
students’ realization of the interconnections between science, technology,
culture, society, and the environment.
There are at least four types of activities for utilizing SciFi film and other
Use of comics or film as a stimulating introduction to a new
Investigation of the scientific grounding of sci-fi scenes;
Use of sci-fi film and cartoons to study phenomena and even
perform measurements (using technology);
Analysis of how science, technology and scientists are depicted in
these media.
In general, the report suggests that educators need to be informed, convinced, and
supported in the use of SciFi in education. Teacher training / Professional
development courses would be an asset for teachers as they would instruct them on
best practice when incorporating SciFi into their lessons. Plenty of readily accessible
resources are also required and this is really important aspect. Here are some more
specific recommendations derived from the report:
Inform teachers and schools regarding the SciFi genre and its
Organize teacher trainings and courses
Provide guidelines and advice for teachers
Introduce teachers to solid examples of good practice
Develop age-appropriate lists of SciFi stories
Publish on-line, open-access material that will be interesting and ready
to be used by pupils
Develop activities that are of high quality and encourage exploration,
investigation and discovery
Adopt material to specific age-levels
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