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Part I: SciFiEd Approach
Executive Summary of the Transnational Research Report and Summary of
Suggested Approaches and Methods
The transnational report presents the results of research conducted via field work,
questionnaires, structured face-to-face interviews, and desk research in Cyprus,
Ireland, Italy, Poland and Romania. The report includes a set of conclusions based
on the analysis of these results and provides useful suggestions both for general use
and for the next stages of the SciFiEd project. The findings from the research
showed that:
In some participating countries, like Poland and Romania, SciFi literature is
well developed and popular among children and young people. In the rest of
the participating countries science fiction for children and young adults is at a
developing stage. In some countries, such as Cyprus, recent developments in
the field show an emerging appreciation for and development of the SciFi
genre. As far as translated SciFi is concerned, American science fiction seems
to be popular in most participating countries.
In all countries, while there is not much reference to teaching scientific facts,
concepts or processes through SciFi. This is not found in teacher-training
either and a vast number of educators are not familiar with SciFi and its
pedagogical potential. Nevertheless, a limited number of practitioners do
propose and employ interesting educational activities that utilize SciFi.
In all participating countries, the inclusion of SciFi in curricula is marginal and
limited, if it exists at all. Additionally, when referred to, it is only included under
Literature and never in relation to Science. Interdisciplinary approaches to
SciFi are rare and only generally described. The pedagogical and educational
valences of SciFi literature are not fully exploited in education, most of this
issue being left to teachers’ choice.
In all countries, there is the potential for SciFi to be introduced by teachers
should they choose, and the majority of educators believe that SciFi could be
of use in many areas such as Science, English & Communications, Maths,
Social Studies, Environmental Education and History.
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