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The Science Fiction in Education Toolkit is the main output of the Science Fiction in
Education (SciFiEd) project. It is a combination of seven deliverables from four
different Work Packages. The goal of the Science Fiction in Education Toolkit is to
convince, guide and support educators in introducing Science Fiction in education,
gathering and developing experience and
in this field, organising it into
solid and accessible bits of information and making it available to stakeholders. The
Science Fiction in Education Toolkit specific objectives are:
To introduce European educators of pupils aged between 9-15 to the genre of
science fiction and its subgenres and convince them about its literary and
pedagogical value.
To provide educators with analytical information regarding acclaimed
international and European authors of Science Fiction for children and young
adults, and Sci-Fi titles available in partner countries.
To describe general approaches and specific methods and techniques to
teach through Science Fiction key competences and concepts in Science and
other important areas of the curriculum.
To support educators in utilizing film, multimedia, and Web 2.0 technologies to
introduce Science Fiction in education.
To provide educators sample Sci-Fi cross-curricular teaching units that may be
used by them but also function as models for building new teaching units.
To assort and disseminate relevant resources to European educators.
The above objectives are served by the creation and implementation of SciFiEd
Teacher Training Modules, intended for training teachers in effective cross-curricular
introduction of science fiction in education. These Training Modules were
implemented in all partner countries. Each participating country organised a series of
training workshops for
educators of students between the ages of
9 and 15. During these training workshops the Science Fiction in Education Toolkit
was used. The structure of this Toolkit contains the following distinct parts or
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...398
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