Founded in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 2004 by an international team of education and technology experts, the Center for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology (CARDET) is a non-profit research and development organization with strategic partners worldwide. CARDET's mission is to inspire innovation and promote education, research, and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and empowered professionals. The organization provides evaluation, research, development and training services to governmental agency, private organizations and NGOs. CARDET has successfully completed more than 80 projects in more than 20 countries, in partnership with a number of private and public institutions, including EuropeAid, the Research Promotion Foundation, the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, the International Council for Educational Media, and Microsoft.


University of Piteşti (UPIT)


The University of Piteşti is a medium-sized university, having over 18.000 students and approximately 800 teaching and administrative staff. The University of Piteşti gathers under its co-ordination and management 11 faculties offering Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Diplomas. The academic staff is composed by a body of experts and professionals with accredited and recognised results. UPIT is a full member of EUA, DRC, AUF, and is working under direct implementation of Bologna and ECTS. The University of Piteşti has the following specialised departments: the Department of International Relations, the “Muntenia” Centre for Vocational Education and Training, Teaching Staff Training Department, Centre of Higher Education Quality Assurance, University of Piteşti Publishing House, University Library, Open and Distance Learning Department, Scientific and Educational Research Centres, “Research and Technological Transfer” Department.


Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB)


County Meath VEC is a local statutory education and training authority established under the 1930 Vocational Educational Act in Ireland. The main services provided by CMVEC fall broadly within three categories - schools and colleges, education and training programmes, and other services. CMVEC is a member of the Irish Vocational Education Association - the representative body for the 33 Vocational Educational Committees nationally. CMVEC works closely with IVEA to protect, promote and enhance the interests of vocational education and training within the national education sector. As the principal state education authority in County Meath, CMVEC operates nine secondary schools and one primary school. CMVEC employs over 400 teaching staff in their schools and an additional 250 tutors on a part-time basis within their Lifelong Learning Centres. As an education provider, CMVEC is committed to on-going staff development. The development of a comprehensive Continuous Professional Development initiative for staff has been identified as a priority in strategic education plans for 2010-15.


Public Library in Ursus District of the City of Warsaw (BPURSUS)

The Public Library in Ursus, Poland, is a cultural institution that aims to satisfy reading and educational needs of the local society, to disseminate knowledge and to support the development of education and culture. The library has been active for over 60 years and has got a very active voluntary circle, supporting library services towards children. The total staff number is 26 people. The library’s catalogue contains more than a 100.000 books; 2600 CD-ROMs and DVDs as well as 800 volumes of books in foreign languages. The library is an institution which is deeply involved in the education of children based on books, especially picture books. The library organises many courses, workshops, and lectures for teachers and educators working with children. A special sub-website of the Library for Children has been created and it is maintained on the Library’s main website. BPURSUS collects books with special attention to picture books and tries to have an effect on the European awareness of the members of local society.


Innovade Li Ltd.

Innovade Li Ltd. is an SME based in Cyprus, with a team of professionals with several years of experience in strategic visioning, evaluation of business development, performance improvement, technology, innovation, and academic industries. Innovade Li works with organizations to help them streamline technological advancements and productivity tools into their processes, in order to ensure that they improve performance, and increase their productivity. It specializes in various solutions, based on its strategic direction and supported by resident expertise. Some of its strong areas are: Innovation Infusion, Strategic Development, Project Management, Expert Opinion Services, Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation.


Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa (ASEV)


ASEV was founded in 2002 with a mixed public private capital by the municipalities and social partners of the Empolese Valdelsa district, to promote the economic, cultural, and social development of the area. ASEV is officially recognised as an adult and vocational training and career guidance centre. Its activities, that so far have involved more than 7000 people, include also planning and managing courses and activities related with teacher education; services to promote employment in cooperation with local PES; cooperation with local schools in education activities and teachers’ training. ASEV manages an ODL centre and an intercultural Centre that organizes courses of Italian as a second language, training of teachers in intercultural issues, welcoming projects for migrants, field research on immigration, mediation of intercultural conflicts. ASEV is certified ISO 9001:2000 and has 20 employees. It is also the lead partner of the Regional Innovation pole on nanotechnology, where Universities, public and private Research Centres, business service centres, work together to encourage and support the strengthening of research, business, and education in the region.